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Investing in Utility Analytics

How Utility Data Analysis Makes for Better Business Decisions

This whitepaper examines the payoff from investing in utility analytics. It discusses the value of properly realized data visibility, how to analyze and interpret your data, and create useful action plans based on the individual environment.

Using utility monitoring & analytics as a security business driver (image)

Using Utility Monitoring & Analytics as a Security Business Driver

How Business Security & Monitoring Service Providers can use Utility Analytics within their IoT Strategies

As building security and management become an ever more challenging corporate concern and security issue, volatile utility prices, lack of cost or usage comparison data, billing errors, misuse and fraud detection – not to mention pressure from investors, customers and other stakeholders – are making utility monitoring and analytics a business imperative for building owners and operators as well as a Recurring-Monthly-Revenue (RMR) business opportunity for the security service industry.

Verdafero white paper for Security Integrators and Alarm Dealers (image)

Monitoring Utilities and IoT

Providing 24/7 monitoring of your clients’ utilities represents a new source of monthly recurring revenue.

As a security professional, it’s your job to guard and protect commercial and institutional facilities and individual buildings. Within them are physical goods, human assets, as well as important, sometimes critical data contained in computer rooms and offices. The perimeter of these buildings is a proverbial ‘line in the sand’ that you’ve agreed to secure.

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