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Verdafero Simplifies Environmental Monitoring

Verdafero logo (image)Verdafero Simplifies Environmental Monitoring | #Verdafero #EnvironmentalMonitoring #SecurityIntegrators #Security | The need for real-time monitoring of environmental elements–such as water level, temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, and others–is fundamental in a variety of applications. This includes industrial manufacturing, water control, energy conservation, museums involving delicate objects of antiquity, and many more.

high rise office building (image)Verdafero offers the means whereby System Integrators can easily monitor any number of conditions through IoT (Internet of Things) devices that collectively connect to one or more Data Loggers. The Datalogger, in turn, sends detailed time-sensitive data from each device to Verdafero’s Cloud-based analytical SaaS for close monitoring.

In short, what happens is Verdafero’s processing center, using machine-learning, establishes what is “normal” so when something goes awry, the high-level, high-speed processing computers know about it, thus sending an alert to your Central Monitoring Station (CMS) who in turn will act according to a predetermined menu of priorities, much as they do for you now with regards to video verification and general burglar and access control functions.

Another benefit of Verdafero’s IoT monitoring SaaS is the ability to track energy usage on a monthly or even a real-time basis. This

Hilton Concord (image)Using Verdafero, management of the Hilton Concord, a hotel located in the suburban community of Concord in the East Bay of San Francisco, now has the ability to track, analyze and report on all of the hotel’s overhead utility expenses at the touch of a button.

“Analyzing large amounts of electric, gas, water, waste data and Carbon Footprint for a large hospitality property on a monthly basis can be very challenging. Individual utilities have inconsistent billing periods and operate on varying billing cycles further complicating the reporting process. Add into the equation different utility providers supplying the same resource, it becomes an even greater challenge” (

To learn more about Verdafero’s Cloud-based analytical processing service, download “Monitoring Utilities and IoT:” Click Here!

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