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Verdafero Launches Innovative SaaS Solution for ESG Reporting

Verdafero InSights™ analyzes data across utility platforms to reach sustainability targets, offering unique detection and forecasting capabilities.

San Francisco – June 2, 2022 – Verdafero, a market leader in utility insights and data intelligence, is proud to announce the launch of its newest SaaS solution, Verdafero InSights™, for monitoring utility usage and environmental impact for ESG Reporting. The patented platform provides businesses with the data needed to make critical decisions to limit pollution, reduce waste and lower their carbon footprint – while identifying cost-saving inefficiencies.

Verdafero InSights™ securely monitors, analyzes, and reports on all critical utilities within a commercial building or property portfolio to continuously calculate GHG emissions for ESG reporting requirements – all while detecting leaks, inefficiencies, misuse, and trends that help prioritize upgrade projects that save money and increase operating profits.

Verdafero InSights™ takes the innovative approach of detecting leaks, misuse, and other inefficiencies to forecast trends to prepare budgets and avoid surprises. The ability to constantly monitor this critical infrastructure and automatically update any progress has become vitally important to businesses and investors as Enviromental, Social & Governance reporting is becoming more important in the everyday lives of business leaders. It’s a must-have for anyone concerned with the bottom line, the environment, and ESG compliance.”

– Alastair Hood, Ph. D. CEO, Verdafero Inc.

Verdafero InSights™ provides the following services:

Utility Analytics: Track and audit any utility and any meter type. Verdafero InSights™ analyzes individual IoT sensors / meters to build a detailed utility model of the facility to provide actionable insights to reduce risk and make better informed decisions. The combination of analysis, dashboards, and reports provide a clear and detailed outline of cost and consumption.

Building Optimization: Verdafero InSights™ delivers the unique ability to perform a comprehensive real-time analysis and discovery exercise to increase the level of security for commercial properties.

Utility Management: Effective utility management is key to any operations, whether it be efficient buildings, production efficiency, or within your supply chain. The tracking, monitoring, analysis, and reporting of these vital resources is critical to any business in today’s fast-moving economy.

ESG & Sustainability Reporting: Verdafero InSights™ offers a wide range of features and functionality to power sustainability analysis and reporting across your entire real estate portfolio. We are continuously adding new features, making our platform truly customizable to your ESG strategy and reporting needs.

“As a Verdafero partner our team is excited to see the release of Verdafero InSights™. With the ability to actively monitor utility usage and environmental impacts for ESG reporting Verdafero InSights™ will expand our current commercial offerings to better help our clients, including large Northern California municipalities, not only meet GHG and reporting requirements, but recognize and manage their environmental footprints.”

– Sam Pierce, Senior Project Manager at Gilleran Energy Management

Verdafero InSights™ offers a wide range of features and functionality to power ESG analysis and reporting across your entire real estate portfolio – saving you time, money, and compliance headaches.

Learn more and request a free demo for this must-see platform here.

About Verdafero

As a recognized top 50 US Department of Energy Portfolio Manager users in North America, Verdafero is a leader in sustainability and energy efficiency for major clients across the commercial property space. The Verdafero InSights® SaaS platform provides data insights to help you to make better informed decisions across your business while providing the data and analytics for your Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) reporting needs – all on a single, comprehensive platform.

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