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Verdafero Inc Obtains Energy Audit Approval from the City of San Francisco

San Francisco, California. Verdafero Inc is approved by the City of San Francisco as a Qualified Energy Auditor under the Existing Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance for existing nonresidential buildings 10,000 square feet and larger. The City of San Francisco recently enacted Ordinance 0017-11 (Commercial Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance) that will require all commercial buildings to submit energy usage data annually and conduct energy audits every 5 years. Verdafero is approved by the City of San Francisco to conduct these energy audits and benchmarking services. Verdafero Inc is a ‘software and services’ company offering a comprehensive service to our customers through consulting and software. We work with our customers to drive savings in their utility expenses and carbon footprint which directly effect a company’s bottom line profit, ie: business efficiency and profitability. 

Utility Optimization Software Provider

Our unique cloud-based software platform brings immediate resource and cost savings to organizations with multiple facilities and branches. Verdafero provides an inexpensive online solution that gives the user an easy to use, in-depth, value based examination and view of their utility expenses and usage (electric, gas, water and waste). It gives the user direct feedback on projects and initiatives to help reduce usage and directly increase profit across multiple facilities and locations all in a simple, easy to use dashboard view at the click of a button. Verdafero makes measuring, tracking, setting reduction goals and reporting easy.

Energy Star Certification

Verdafero Inc is an Energy Star Partner and has experience benchmarking buildings using EPA Portfolio Manager and completing the Energy Star Certification process.
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