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Verdafero Inc. announces UK partnership with BS Holdings Ltd (BSH) for the MyVerdafero – Utility Optimization Software Platform

Verdafero Inc. (, San Francisco, CA, is a SaaS (Sustainability-as-a-Service) software and services provider is proud to announce the signing of a reseller partnership agreement with BSH (

“This partnership comes at a very exciting time for Verdafero. With the skill, comprehensive range of fossil fuel, solar and biofuel heating services through BSH it adds an important foothold into the UK and European market for Verdafero. We are very pleased to be working with BSH and hope to help them grow their business as well as Verdafero’s” said Dr. Alastair Hood, CEO of Verdafero.

Created by Verdafero Inc. from direct industry feedback, MyVerdafero – Utility Optimization Software Platform is a comprehensive utility optimization software application enabling industrial user to track, analyze, and report on all utility expenses, not just energy but water, waste, fuel oil, wooden pellets etc. – also, across multiple locations and facilities. This holistic view enables clients to compare the performance of all buildings within their portfolio. Additionally, clients can now compare and track their entire usage and costs, benchmarked back to an individual year with weather normalization and importantly, report their carbon footprint on a real-time basis.

“It is imperative to provide a comprehensive portfolio of equipment and reporting tools for today’s growing businesses to help them better understand and accurately report their carbon footprint accomplishments in order to meet the forthcoming regulatory requirements. After extensive research, Verdafero’s Utility Optimization Platform was chosen to help our clients to do this in a meaningful way which places the clients at ease. The system, whilst providing the reporting structures is particularly suited to clients with multiple locations, multi fleet systems and facilities, all at the click of a button. Other systems were available but none of them provided the complete range of building services tools that energy managers, owners and professionals require with key visual markers at the heart of the system which sets Verdafero apart from others” said Eddie Allen, General Manager of BSH.

Working with BSH, corporate clients in the UK are now utilizing the unique capabilities of Verdafero’s utility optimization platform with clearly defined results. “The addition of the comprehensive MyVerdafero platform and its carbon reporting capabilities is a great enhancement to BSH full service offering,” said Eddie Allen. “Our corporate clients, including some of the major world-wide brands, now have the tools at their fingertips to track, analyze, and report their utility usage and carbon footprint across their portfolio of facilities on a real-time basis, all at the touch of a button rather than trying to piece information together via spreadsheets and paper bills. This is important to our clients for local and regional governmental carbon reporting due to start in 2015.

We are very proud to have partnered with Verdafero and have the unique ability to offer our corporate customers a full service offering from design, installation, maintenance and now tracking, analysis and reporting or not just energy but all overhead utility expenses”

Dr. Alastair Hood says, “Facility managers and corporate customers do not always have the time and resources necessary to analyze large amounts of data on spreadsheets and paper. Now, having the ability to track, analyze, and report how a facility or multiple facilities across a large geographic area uses not just energy, but all overhead utility expenses, is of vital importance for profitability and the environment.”

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