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Verdafero Latest Release Cracks the Commercial Services Marketplace

For Immediate Release – October, 2016

San Francisco, CA – Verdafero Inc. is proud to announce the release of a new Partner Analytics module as part of its extended Utility Analytics Software Platform. This new module enables the Home Services industry to extend their services into the lucrative Commercial Services marketplace.

The home services marketplace pursued by Google, Amazon, Angie’s List and others currently relies on homeowners being aware of maintenance issues before actively seeking out quality service providers via their online platforms. However, in the commercial property space, problems may not be as apparent and may continue undetected for months or even years, costing the property owner substantially more as issues become catastrophic. Verdafero’s new release bridges this gap, by automatically detecting operational problems at the facility level then efficiently allowing home service platforms or consultants to facilitate the introduction between commercial service providers and commercial property owners / operators.

As an early user of Verdafero’s Partner Analytics module Sam Pierce, Operations Manager of Gilleran Energy Management says, “Taking advantage of Verdafero’s Partner Analytics and the insights it provides has given us the ability to be proactive with our customers. We can now react quickly to customer problems while reducing our own project acquisition costs dramatically. As a result, our customers are happy that problems are detected early, minimizing any unnecessary costs.”

Dr Alastair Hood, CEO of Verdafero Inc. highlights the new module’s capabilities, “Up until now, home service providers, like HomeAdvisor, Google Home Services, Amazon Home Services and Thumbtack, brokered transactions between residential home owners and local service providers, taking commissions / fees from each transaction. The typical cost for a residential service provider to fix a problem is less than $400; however, on a typical commercial property, the cost can easily run to tens of thousands of dollars. Responding to customer requests over the last few years, we are proud to be the first company to provide this missing piece in the commercial services marketplace.”


Verdafero Inc. based in San Francisco, CA, is a SaaS data analytics company providing Utility Analytics software to commercial organizations enabling them to capture, analyze, visualize and report their entire utility expenses, including water, waste, energy, fleet fuel across their entire organization and locations.

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