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About the Green Button



Verdafero announces access

to Green Button Data Download Initiative.


San Francisco, CA March 1st. 2014. / FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


About Verdafero

Based in San Francisco, Verdafero offers an easy to use analytics platform that allows customers to capture, analyze and visualize the cost and usage patterns of their utility resources, from the entire organization to a building, even to the level of a single meter.


The system is:

  • easy to install (nothing to download or maintain, no additional hardware required)
  • easy to use, point and click graphical interface (our unique interactive graphics are powerful and intuitive, and require no training)
  • and provides uniquely actionable information (users can easily add their own business indicators to, for example, compare their water usage with the number of rooms occupied in an hotel).


What is the problem we solved?

Capturing large amounts of utility data (electric, gas, water, waste and more) requires constant, reliable and accurate communications with multiple suppliers . Verdafero developed DataPlug™ to provide easy and automated access to the customer’s data directly from the utility’s servers. Verdafero has been using its interface with the EPA’s Energy Start Portfolio Manager’s API via DataPlug™for a number of years. With this release, Verdafero is expanding DataPlug™ to work withthe increasing number of utilities that have joined the Green Button Initiative.


How does this improve our service to our customers?

Verdafero customers are medium size organizations, generally with multiple buildings and utilities. They like our low price (less than $20 per meter per month), the comprehensive nature of our solution (not just energy), ease of use and our automatic data feed. This will allows them to enjoy automatic connections with more utilities providing them with unparalleled access and analysis on opportunities to save money on their expenses.«


Contact: Alastair Hood. CEO / / (650) 306-2441 Follow us on Twitter: @Verdafero

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