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Utility Management

Effective utility management is key to any operations, whether it be efficient buildings, production efficiency or within your supply chain the tracking, monitoring, analysis and reporting of these vital resources is critical to any business in today’s fast moving economy.

Energy Use Intensity

Energy Use Intensity (EUI) is a useful metric to monitor long-term energy efficiency trends for a building. ENERGY STAR defines EUI as “a unit of measurement that describes a building’s energy use. EUI represents the energy consumed by a building relative to its size.”

Verdafero InSights™ can use multiple normalization factors, such as weather, production data or occupancy to calculate annualized EUI. This added functionality provides a valuable insight into your operations.


Calendarization is a process we use to normalize utility bill usage and cost data to analyze data for the calendar month. Most utility data bills are not read at the beginning and end of each calendar month and usually are produced mid-month. It is very difficult to compare month to month and year to year with data that is not normalized.

Weather Data

Outside weather patterns can have a dramatic effect on utility usage across the calendar year. Verdafero InSights™ automatically gathers detailed weather specific data for your location to check for temperature and utility use sensitivity of your building to add accuracy to our analytics to reduce risk.

Weather Normalization

Normalization incorporates weather sensitivity and calculated Heating and Cooling Degrees Days (HDD & CDD) to provide a year-over-year, “apples-to-apples” comparison of utility consumption.

The process eliminates weather as a factor in energy consumption to present a fair month-to-month comparison.

Multi-Variable Normalization

Weather is usually not the only external factor that can influence utility usage within a facility. In addition to the standard weather normalization Verdafero works with our clients to understand their specific needs and carries out multi-variable normalization analysis.

Incorporating external factors such as production data, sales data, occupancy and other customer specific metrics that might influence the utility usage Verdafero can gain deeper insights and understanding into more potential savings and energy efficiency reductions.

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