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Verdafero InSights™ is a patented cloud-based platform designed to securely monitor, analyze and report all vital utilities, not just energy, within a commercial building or property portfolio to detect utility leaks, inefficiencies, misuse or spot trends to identify upgrade projects to save money and increase operating profits. Automatically calculate GHG emissions for ESG and sustainability reporting.

Verdafero ESG InSights™

Verdafero ESG InSights™ can continuously monitor environmental performance metrics for your immediate analysis and reporting needs. See how you’re trending compared to your set ESG goals. Receive customized reports to highlight ESG achievements.

Verdafero Utility InSights™

Verdafero Utility InSights™ is used to detect utility leaks, theft, efficiency upgrades, forecast trends, identify upgrade projects to head off future issues, save money and increase operating profits as well as helping to report local, regional and federal efficiency mandates.

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ESG & Sustainability Reporting

Verdafero InSights™ offers a wide range of features and functionality to power sustainability analysis and reporting across your entire real estate portfolio. At Verdafero, we’re continuously adding new features to develop a scalable platform to enable you to produce your ESG strategy and reporting needs.

Utility Analytics

Track and audit any utility and any meter type. Verdafero InSights™ analyzes individual IoT sensors / meters to build a detailed utility model of the facility to provide different hierarchical views at the IoT sensor, utility meter / sub-meter, account, building or portfolio level to provide actionable insights to reduce risk and make better informed decisions. The combination of analysis, dashboards and reports provide a clear and detailed outline of cost and consumption.

Building Optimization

Using patented analysis to capture, analyzes, report and predict variable, broad-based utility expense information found from many data sources Verdafero InSights™ delivers the unique ability to perform a comprehensive real-time analysis and discovery exercise to increase the level of security for commercial properties.

Utility Management

Effective utility management is key to any operations, whether it be efficient buildings, production efficiency or within your supply chain. The tracking, monitoring, analysis and reporting of these vital resources is critical to any business in today’s fast moving economy.