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Unlock the Value of Predictive Recurring Revenue

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Unlock the Value of Predictive Recurring Revenue | #Verdafero #RecurringRevenue #RMR #SecurityIntegrators | Having a significant amount of predictable recurring revenue will significantly increase the dollar value of your locksmith business. (Allan B. Colombo)

Smartphone Integration (image)The name of the game in any successful business is “predictable cash flow.” In case you have never heard of it, I would describe it as ‘the consistent, repetitive flow of capital into your company that you can always count (bank) on.’ The road to achieving it is commonly referred to as Recurring Revenue.

Examples of this highly-successful business model includes cable television; satellite TV; razor blades delivered to your door through the mail (Harry’s); alarm systems that serve and protect not only homes, but commercial firms and institutions as well; maintenance contracts; and much more. You can bet that organizations, such as those mentioned above, earn a considerable sum of money when you look at the long term earning potential.

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