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Why Verdafero for Utility Analytics?


Using the latest technologies we render ALL your utility information in one place, make it comparable (across time, locations, and type) and render it in unprecedented clarity and power.

  • State-of-the-art database
  • Advanced computation
  • Unmatched visualization


We built our software for our consulting activities. Working with customers, we commercialized it and developed a professional tool that is easy and intuitive to use.

Different by Design

  • Interactive
  • Open platform
  • Customized business indicators
  • Carbon footprint


Whitepaper: Investing in Utility Analytics

Examine the payoff from investing in utility analytics. It could be money available for the taking. Download our whitepaper detailing how you can profit from a deeper understanding of your utility usage. Download Now

Examples of Customized Business Indicators

Thanks to these unique features, attractive pricing, and ease-of-use, the Verdafero utility management platform has been used in many different sectors. We give a few examples below


Which of my buildings are performing poorly and wasting money?

Initially each bank’s branch usage looked about the same; however, Verdafero’s software compares usage by both square footage and daily spend and one building looked out of line. Digging deeper, we found the AC was not turning off at night. Read the full case study


Our bio-digester in the hotel’s kitchen broke, should we repair it? How successful was our plan to divert landfill waste to compost and recycling?

So many times you make changes and look at the ROI once, but additional costs come up. This happened recently at a hotel when their bio-digester needed to be repaired. Verdafero’s detailed tracking of utilities allowed them to see that with the bio-digester out of commission their solid waste increased by 14 tons and $1000. Few things are “fix it and forget it” for our customers because they operate in changing environments: we help them spot problems on an ongoing basis. Read the full case study (major hotel chain in CA)


Why is one facility’s utility bill twice as much as another similar facility?

By analyzing both cost and usage, we found the usage per square foot was the same at two different health clubs and the cost difference was due to a local arrangement. At one location electricity cost was $0.12/kwh while at the other it was $.06/kwh due to an incentive provided by the municipality. This sharpened our focus on seeking local incentives for new sites.


How does an individual site compare with last year?
Where can I make the biggest impact?

Here we see multiple meters not just energy. The hotel client was able to see what would offer the biggest impact. We allow you to track historical cost and usage for at least four years. (major hotel chain in CA)

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