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The “Legalities” Behind the Use of Electromagnetic Locks

Access control, electromagnetic locks (image)The “Legalities” Behind the Use of Electromagnetic Locks | #Verdafero #FireCode #Fire #Door #Lock | When we say ‘legality,’ it’s in reference to authoritative requirements associated with any and all types of fire alarm systems and attached components. This includes all EMLs (Electromagnetic Locks) no matter where they are installed.

The way this works is that a national fire code-making organization, like the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) of Quincy, MA, creates code documents which contain specific requirements in reference to any and all technological issues involving fire detection, life-safety functions, and other aspects of fire protection.

Those requirements then are institutionalized by each State as well as the various municipalities therein and thus enforced by legal means by local fire inspectors, State fire protection officers, fire marshals, and others, some whom have arrest powers at their disposal.

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