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Utility Consultants / Advisors

SaaS Solutions for 3rd Party Service Providers

3rd Party Service Providers

Find hidden savings and drive more business

See all your client’s facilities in one place

  • Verdafero automatically downloads your client’s entire utility information, displayed in one place, normalized to their individual business indicators so you don’t have to.

Timely alerts

  • With customized alerts Verdafero can automatically notify you of problematic changes in your client’s utility usage, increased costs, problematic meters or facilities.
  • Receive automatic summary analysis of cost and usage for all your client’s utilities across all their facilities.

Find savings

  • Identify under-performing client properties and offer assistance.
  • Get the entire picture for real business-level discussions.
  • Help clients saving time, money and effort as a trusted advisor.

Graphs make seeing trends easy

  • Verdafero’s graphs and charts help you analyze and compare utilities and locations at the touch of a button.
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