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RMR Through Monitoring Electric Usage

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RMR Through Monitoring Electric Usage | #Verdafero #Camera #IoT #Integrator | Miss billings can happen. Some are mistakes and others are intentional. Monitoring Utility IoT loggers and smart meters when coupled with a Cloud-based analytical service, like Verdafero’s, can detect problems when they occur.

Case in point. One integrator says, “I got a call from a customer that said that their camera system ran her light bill up from $170 last month to $520 this month.” And there’s only six cameras installed. Armed with Verdafero’s analytical data, it’s possible to determine where the problem is when monitoring multiple IoT sensors. It’s for sure that the additional $350 did not happen because of six low-voltage cameras. 

Find out more about IoT and Utility monitoring by downloading ‘Monitoring Utilities and IoT:’

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