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Providing 24/7 Monitoring of IoT Devices Represents a New Source of RMR

Verdafero logo (image)One of the biggest tech trends of recent times is that of the Internet. Riding  on top of this GAN (Global Area Network) are millions of connections between millions more data points. The point of crossing between the Internet and various mobile devices are the numerous Cellular networks that operate worldwide.

Verdafero, Alarm Dealers and Security Integrators (image)and

Today, the Internet carries telemetry-type signals from a increasingly growing number of sensors and effectors, linking them to control systems as well as mobile devices for a variety of purposes. Together, we commonly refer this new area of technical interest as IoT, or Internet of Things.

Security Integrators and Alarm Dealers should be especially interested in this new technology trend because along with it is an inherent need to monitor and respond to a variety conditions in quasi real time.

Before this relatively new tech trend passes you buy, download Verdafero’s white paper entitled “Monitoring Utilities and IoT.” Then reach out to us by phone use the handy contact form on our Contact page.

To download this informative white paper: Click here! (image)

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