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Energy Efficiency Consulting Engineers

As recognized industry experts, Verdafero consults with large and small businesses to help reduce their energy usage and costs through energy efficiency.

Using detailed utility analysis and on-site engineering Verdafero’s experienced engineers carry out in-depth investigations into a building’s efficient use of energy resources to produce detailed reports highlighting areas of concern for owner / operators.

Energy Efficiency Audits

Property Benchmarking

Project Management

  • Approved provider

    • City of San Francisco – “Existing Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance’
    • City of Seattle – “Energy Benchmarking and Reporting Program (Ordinance 123226 and 123993)”
    • City of Portland – “Energy Performance Reporting Policy for Commercial Buildings”
    • City of Boulder – “Building Energy Efficiency Performance Ordinance (Ordinance No. 8071)”
    • City of Chicago –Energy Benchmarking Ordinance
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