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ENERGY STAR® Benchmarking

Verdafero is ranked in the top 50 companies by US Department of Energy Portfolio Manager Benchmarking users in North America.

Benchmarking Compliance

An increasing number of cities, states, and municipal governments across North America have passed utility benchmarking ordinances, requiring buildings to track and report their annual energy and water consumption.

Utility benchmarking is the practice of measuring the amount of energy and water a building consumes and comparing that against other, similar buildings. This allows owners and occupants to better understand their buildings’ energy performances relative to similar buildings and helps identify opportunities to cut waste. With this knowledge, they can make smarter and more cost-effective improvements, comply with local laws while saving money and cutting waste.

Verdafero helps you save time and eliminates the complexity by providing benchmarking compliance reporting service for every state and municipality with an energy disclosure ordinance. We will file and submit the benchmarking data for compliance all of your buildings.

Verdafero Software

Verdafero InSights™ is a patented cloud-based software suite designed to securely monitor, analyze and report across multiple utilities for all your property portfolio needs.

Verdafero Utility InSights™ is used to detect utility leaks, theft, efficiency upgrades, forecast trends, identify upgrade projects to head off future issues, save money and increase operating profits as well as helping to report local, regional and federal efficiency mandates.

Verdafero ESG InSights™ can continuously monitor environmental performance metrics for your immediate analysis and reporting needs. See how you’re trending compared to your set ESG goals. Receive customized reports to highlight ESG achievements.

Verdafero Consulting

As recognized industry experts, Verdafero offers consulting services to large and small businesses to help reduce their energy usage and costs through energy and water efficiency. Verdafero’s experienced engineers carry out in-depth utility audits into a building’s use of energy and water to produce detailed reports that highlight areas of interest.

Verdafero is one of the top recognized ENERGY STAR® certified professional engineering consultancy firms in the US.

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