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Interlocking Door Control & Mantraps

Dortronics (logo)Interlocking Door Control & Mantraps | #Verdafero #Mantraps #InterlockingControler #Security | Mantraps are often manual swing doors forming a vestibule but they can also utilize automatic doors or gates. Two door mantraps are most common but systems can incorporate thirty or more doors when several controlled areas are interconnected.

Laborartories and Clean rooms require clean air separation for a controlled environment. These air locks may also utilize air pressurization to maintain the sterile area. Some “air locks” use normally unlocked doors, however better systems will utilize doors that are normally locked with push button release stations on each. This insures that two or more doors cannot be opened simultaneously.

Dortronics offers an impressive portfolio of Intelligent Door Interlock Controllers and Mantrap Solutions with the latest features and performance for a wide range of vertical markets.

Solutions range from economical 2-door mantraps for retail applications and communicating bathroom controllers for healthcare facilities & dormitories, to multi-door mantraps for casinos, banks and biological clean rooms to sally ports to controlling vehicle access/egress in secure areas such as prisons and armored car facilities.

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