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Integrators and the Power of Monitored IoT

Verdafero logo (image)Integrators and the Power of Monitored IoT | #Verdafero #IoT #Integrators #Monitoring | Integrators that work with industrial operations, large high-rise office complexes. and other commercial buildings know all too well the power of IoT and IIoT both to what they do and their clients.

In an industrial venue, for example, individual IoT sensors monitoring machinery, conveyor lines, and overseeing a variety of other processes is crucial from an operations standpoint. A problem at any point along the production chain can bring an entire company to a standstill.

Monitoring energy use (image)Having IoT sensors report back to a central point within a complex has been one way to monitor things like device orientation; the proper or improper flow of fuel, water, or any other substance; machine operations; and much more. Typically, in by-gone days, this entailed the installation of a handful of sensors using metallic cable, connecting them to a central point within the plant. Today, this is done using wireless technologies, such as WiFi and basic radio frequency (RF) technology. But it often requires the time and effort of single or multiple individuals in the actual monitoring of sensor processes.

Verdafero Inc. of San Francisco takes this process to the next level by incorporating data loggers in conjunction with paired IoT sensors, shuttling all the data to a Cloud processing center where Machine Learning is employed in the automated monitoring of each device in relation to others.

Using short- to mid-term data collection, Verdafero establishes a preceptive “normal” for each sensor with regards to wee, day and time. Now, when something occurs that creates a real-time Alert in the system, sending it off to your Central Monitoring Service (CMS) for operator intervention, in addition using Push Notification to alert other stakeholders in real time.

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