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HVAC Systems And Reopening Buildings Amid COVID-19

Verdafero logo (image)HVAC Systems And Reopening Buildings Amid COVID-19 | #Verdafero #Integrator #Safety #OSHA | Today, in this uncertain world where a small virus can wreak havoc in the lives and livelihoods of so many, it’s almost a foregone conclusion that facility management leaders and their teams must make absolutely sure that everything humanly possible is done to assure a clean, healthy environment for those who work and visit their buildings.

In this Facility Executive article, our focus will be on the operational procedures used to reopen a facility previously closed due to CV19 (COVID-19), also known as the novel Coronavirus. From a HVAC perspective, we’ll briefly discuss the teamwork necessary, some of the more notable aspects associated with the procedures, as well as a few additional points of consideration.

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