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Verdafero Utility Monitoring & Analytics Platform – Security Provider

Utility Monitoring & Analytics Software for the Security Industry

Generating Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) Verdafero provides a unique business solution to the Property Security Market to constantly monitor, analyze, report and secure their customer’s vital utilities, not only for individual properties but for entire property portfolios across multiple geographies.

Using patented analysis to capture, analyzes, report and predict variable, broad-based utility expense information found from many data sources Verdafero’s Utility Monitoring & Analytics Platform delivers the unique ability to perform a comprehensive real-time analysis and discovery exercise to increase the level of security for commercial properties.

Using the Verdafero Utility Monitoring & Analytics Platform, security service providers can extend their IoT strategic offerings and actively detect security breaches down to the utility meter / sub-meter / IoT sensor level.

Security service providers can help their clients to:

  • Detect fraudulent behavior
  • Billing errors
  • Find leaks
  • Facility / equipment problems (in some use cases predict the failure before it happens)
  • Benchmark the property against peers
  • Formulate utility management awareness plans
  • Submit legal reporting requirements to local and state agencies

To find out how you could benefit from the Verdafero Utility Monitoring & Analytics Platform contact us

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