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Utility Reporting Software for Commercial Real Estate

Whether you are a REIT, commercial real estate management company, building owner or operator or brokerage firm Verdafero can help with energy and water efficiency projects and provide the utility analytics data service to benchmark properties and report GHG emissions for your ESG Reporting needs on an ongoing basis.

ESG Reporting

Verdafero InSights offers a wide range of features and functionality to power sustainability measurements, manage and reporting across your entire real estate portfolio to enable you to produce your ESG strategy and reporting needs.

Lower Operating Costs

Energy efficiency translates to lower operating costs. You can’t manage what you don’t measure and through the Verdafero InSights and consulting services we help the commercial real estate market to lower operating costs.

Increase Asset Value

Through our consulting and data analytics services Verdafero can help the commercial real estate market increase asset values by reducing operational costs and increasing efficiencies.

Meet local / national reporting mandates

With the increased awareness that energy efficiency in the commercial real estate sector can have throughout the lifecycle of the building Verdafero can help you meet city / county / national building efficiency reporting mandates.

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