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How to Upgrade any 3G/CDMA TG-7 to LTE

TG-7UBL: The Most Affordable Way to Upgrade any 3G/CDMA TG-7 Series Communicator to LTE | #Verdafero #Cellular #Wireless #Monitoring #LTE | As the industry prepares for more cellular carrier technology sunsets, Telguard has released its new TG-7UBLA and TG-7UBLV products, certified for AT&T and Verizon LTE networks, respectively.TG-7UBL (image)

These LTE Upgrade Boards make the conversion of older technology Telguard commercial intrusion and fire communicators simpler and more affordable. With the LTE Upgrade Board, earlier versions of the TG-7, TG-7A, and TG-7FS can be easily upgraded without having to remove the existing enclosure, or power supply, and most importantly at a highly reduced cost to our dealers.

In a matter of minutes, you can simply replace the 3G or CDMA circuit board with a new LTE Upgrade Board without disturbing the site’s UL certifications. This upgrade increases the longevity of a Telguard cellular unit, ensuring customer retention and protecting your earned revenue. Activation and service procedures remain the same as they have been for all Telguard products.

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