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How Plug and Play is Key to Bringing IoT into the Future

How Plug and Play is Key to Bringing IoT into the Future | #ESC_LLC #IoT #Integrators #Electricial | According to Alastair Hood, CEO of Verdafero, Inc. of San Francisco, “IoT is not just a fad, it’s the operational underpinnings of a wireless support platform upon which mechanized and electronic systems operate.”

Internet of Things (IoT, image)Back in 1995 and 1998, Microsoft and Intel respectively introduced the concept of Windows Plug and Play and Universal Serial Bus (USB) on PCs. What happened? PnP and USB thankfully made it so even my mother could replace a mouse.

Reducing the complexity, time, specialization, cost, stomach acid, and swear words needed to manage PCs shifted market economics. Want a window into what happened? Innovation accelerated while the cost of operating PCs shrank. (How Plug and Play is Key to Bringing IoT into the Future: read more).

Smartphone Integration (image)The fact is, IoT devices are already installed and running many systems found in society, from nuclear power plants to automation and control systems found not only in commercial and institutional buildings, but also  homes. Through the use of wireless IoT data, it’s possible to run a more efficient operation, especially in the area of energy consumption.

“Whether you’re a Security Integrator, an Electrical Contractor, or anyone else involved in construction and customer service in commercial structures, IoT is where it’s at. With Verdafero, you can charge a monthly fee through Iot monitoring and data analysis via our cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service),” says Hood.

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