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Verdafero Utility InSights

Track and audit any utility and any meter type. Verdafero Utility InSights analyzes individual IoT sensors / meters to build a detailed utility model of the facility to provide different hierarchical views at the IoT sensor, utility meter / sub-meter, account, building or portfolio level to provide actionable insights to reduce risk and make better informed decisions.

The combination of analysis, dashboards and reports provide a clear and detailed outline of cost and consumption.

Building Optimization

Verdafero Utility InSights’ utility benchmarking capability is one of the most helpful tools in building analysis and helps you to compare the relative performance of buildings in a property portfolio in specific ways to optimize your building’s performance.

Utility Management

Effective utility management is key to any operations, whether it be efficient buildings, production efficiency or within your supply chain the tracking, monitoring, analysis and reporting of these vital resources is critical to any business in today’s fast moving economy.

Utility Bill Entry

Verdafero Utility InSights connects to a user’s utility providers to download customer data when it becomes available, so you don’t have to. Alternatively, the user can manually upload all utility data easily and efficiently to the platform. The complete data set can be exported to your accounting system for review and payment purposes.

Utility Bill Auditing

Verdafero Utility InSights’ utility bill audits automatically checks each bill to verify accuracy and flag potential billing errors.

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