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Verdafero ESG Reporting Software Request a Demo Fast, accurate Scope 1 & 2 Emissions Reports ESG Reports made easy. SEE OUR SERVICES Sustainability Consulting, Auditing, & Benchmarking Track. Report. Reduce.

Put sustainability right at your fingertips. Verdafero’s patented software securely monitors and analyzes your company’s Electricity, Natural Gas, Water, Waste, and Fuel. Resulting in accurate, in-depth ESG Scope 1, Scope 2, GHG and Carbon Footprint reports. It’s a relief to know that the solution to improved ESG performance is in your hands.

Emissions reporting for a better tomorrow.

Give us your utility data. We’ll produce your emissions report.


Natural Gas




Carbon Footprint

Verdafero Software

Patented technology for fast, accurate, in-depth emissions reporting

Verdafero InSights

is a patented cloud-based software suite designed to securely track, analyze, and report utilities data for all your properties.

Verdafero Utility InSights

is used to detect utility leaks and theft, identify potential efficiency upgrades, forecast trends, increase operating profits; and prepare regional and federal emissions reports.

Verdafero ESG InSights

can continuously monitor your company’s environmental performance metrics for your immediate analysis; and produce customized reports to highlight ESG achievements.

Verdafero Consulting

Track. Report. Reduce.

As recognized industry experts, Verdafero consultants assist large and small businesses to reduce energy and water usage and increase efficiency. We deliver real-time tracking, in-depth utility audits, and detailed reports that highlight emissions benchmarks and potential cost savings.

Verdafero is one of the top recognized ENERGY STAR® certified professional engineering consultancy firms in the US.

Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) & Sustainability Reporting

Streamline your report process.

Verdafero software gets the job done, converting your utility data into accurate, easily readable Scope 1 & 2 reports. Just give us your utility data and Verdafero does the rest.

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