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Hilton Concord Takes The Lead



Hilton Concord San Francisco nose ahead

in the sustainability competition

An article published by the International Tourism Partnership.


San Francisco, CA March 5th. 2014. / FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


About Verdafero

Based in San Francisco, Verdafero offers an easy to use analytics platform that allows customers to capture, analyze and visualize the cost and usage patterns of their entire utility resources, from the whole organization to a building, even to the level of a single meter.


The system is:

–       easy to install (nothing to download or maintain, no additional hardware required)

–       easy to use, point and click graphical interface (our unique interactive graphics are powerful and intuitive, and require no training)

–       and provides uniquely actionable information (users can easily add their own business indicators too, for example, compare your water usage with the number of rooms occupied in your hotel).


What does this article teach us?

Green Hotelier, by the International Tourism Partnership, is a “leading news oulet for information on environmental and social responsibility in the hospitality industry.”

In their February 27th edition they published an article untitled “Hilton Concord San Francisco nose ahead in the sustainability competition”.

The article details how the hotel was able to “significantly reduce their environmental footprint while achieving increased net cash flow”. Not bad!

Their secret? “Real—time visibility and reporting of our sustainability has become an increasingly important part of our day-to-day hotel operations, not only in this hotel, but throughout our entire organization” reveals Jack Hlavac, General Manager of the Hilton Concord. He adds: “The result of our actions and using the MyVerdafero software, we are now able to accurately track, analyze and report our waste disposal streams, energy use, water consumption and carbon footprint at the touch of a button rather than having to employ a spreadsheet expert to try and track all these metrics manually”.


Why is this example relevant for you?

It shows that our system works and produces actionable information. Verdafero is inexpensive (less than $20 per meter and per month). It is very easy to install and the company offers a three months trial for only monthly fee. Try it. If for any reason you do not want to continue, you have only one thing to do: let us know. There is nothing to remove or uninstall. We do not affect your information system in any way.

If you decide to keep our system, you will have the best real-time and all-encompassing information system you can find«


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