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Future Proof Access Control

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Future Proof Access Control by Al Colombo | #Verdafero #AccessControl #Security | Electronic access control manufacturers are working overtime to create products that will continue to work in tomorrow’s advanced, high-security environment.

Access control via an electronic lock (image)Technology is constantly in flux—advancing, improving, changing, and morphing into something bigger and better than what it was before. Most of the time these changes occur because of consumer demand, which is oftentimes based on an immediate need. Changes in technology and the products a company makes also can come about because of long-term planning with multiple products and technologies in mind.

A good example of this in electronic access control (EAC) was seen several decades ago when the security industry produced a single-door access solution, such as a keypad. At that time, there wasn’t a network infrastructure in place to carry data to a controller on to a centralized Computer Processing Unit (CPU).

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