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Free Virtual Online Classes, Tech & Field-Trainings

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Free Virtual Online Classes, Tech & Field-Trainings | #Verdafero #NAPCO #Education #Security | Good times and bad, we’re here for you. Knowledge is power – so we have your back with the sales intros, new technology and installation training classes your business needs, online or in-person (where permitted).

Whether you’re a manager or a technician, in need of a refresher or CEU-certification course, save some gas and tune-up your mind – we have Free online classes for virtually every product-type or solution we sell. Check out our Intrusion Alarms, Connected Home or Business, Commercial Fire Systems; and complementary options, i.e., Access Control, WiFi Cams and Doorbells; PLUS ever-popular StarLink Universal Cellular Solutions for Sunsets & POTs Replacements.

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