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ESG Investing / Finance

As more investors look to fund organizations and products that support and promote sustainability, there is an increased demand for companies to report their ESG compliance to receive funding. Companies that can prove that they are complying with new climate change regulations and other ESG issues are more likely to find investors since they are frequently outperforming companies that don’t. Verdafero InSights delivers the reports that businesses need to showcase their ESG performance.

ESG Data Repository

Centralize ESG data from disparate sources and ensure the information is accurate and up to date.

ESG Target Setting

Continuously monitor and report environmental performance metrics for immediate analysis and reporting

ESG Tracking

See how you are trending compared to your set ESG goals

ESG Customized Reports

Customized reports to highlight ESG achievements and gain insights

ESG Benchmarking and Certification

Disclose to voluntary benchmarks and get help certifying your building with ENERGY STAR® or the U.S. Green Building Council (LEED certification)

ESG Reporting for Insurance & Financial Enterprises

Insurance and finance enterprises stand at the forefront of the ESG innovation, considering the breadth of these industries and the resources at their disposal. Overall, the identification, comprehension, and management of risks are the foundation of both the insurance and financial sectors. Compared to other forms of risks, such as financial risks, ESG concerns and their practical application to insurance are still in their infancy.

Even the most forward-thinking and well-intentioned businesses cannot address all ESG issues simultaneously. The secret to success is materiality. In other words, the knowledge of which ESG risks are pertinent to a company’s industry and overall operational environment. The materiality evaluation of a company or investment will reveal which problems are most relevant to its business and its stakeholders.

Download this white paper to learn about ESG Reporting – ESG for Insurance & Financial Enterprises.

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