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ESG Reporting Software that does the work for you

Request a demo to see how Verdafero InSights can help you reach your ESG Reporting Goals


ESG Insights & Dynamic Data Intelligence

Use Verdafero ESG InSights reporting platform to,

  • Improve your ESG performance, reduce social and financial risk with integrated software and consulting solutions
  • Continuously monitor Scope 1 & 2 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission metrics for immediate analysis and reporting
  • See how you’re trending compared to your corporate ESG goals
  • Receive customized reports to highlight ESG achievements and insights


Know your numbers

Verdafero ESG InSights is a patented cloud-based platform designed to securely monitor, analyze and report your Scope 1 & 2 emissions across utilities for any size property portfolio quickly and efficiently. No more spreadsheets!


See how to improve

Verdafero ESG InSights  can also identify upgrade projects to head off future issues, save money and increase operating profits. Automatically calculate GHG emissions for ESG and sustainability reporting.

It’s all in the report.

You will have 24/7 access the data we’ve collected from all of your utility providers in the backend of our Verdafero ESG InSights cloud-based platform. However, most of our clients prefer to use the reports we send out that give you easy-to-read, at-a-glance charts and insights that your company needs.

Let us handle the details of the reporting so you can focus on making sustainable changes.

Verdafero ESG InSights

Verdafero InSights offers a wide range of features and functionality to power ESG analysis and reporting across your entire real estate portfolio. At Verdafero, we’re continuously adding new features to develop a scalable platform to enable you to produce your ESG strategy and reporting needs.

ESG Data Repository

Centralize ESG data from disparate sources and ensure the information is accurate and up to date

ESG Target Setting

Continuously monitor environmental performance metrics for immediate analysis and reporting across all your locations and operations

ESG Tracking

Automatically track and report GHG emission information based on your objectives and compare against corporate ESG goals

ESG Customized Reports

Receive customized reports to highlight ESG achievements and insight for annual ESG or sustainability reporting

ESG Benchmarking and Certification

Communicate effectively to stakeholders via disclosure of voluntary GHG benchmarks

ESG Reporting and Analytics – The Path Forward

The COVID-19 pandemic in conjunction with the proliferation of catastrophic climatic events have emphasized the critical nature of ESG challenges. Keeping the ESG promise demands leaders to think long-term and strategically about all aspects of their organization. While businesses know that a focus on ESG is vital for company resilience, many continue to struggle to establish a framework for integrating ESG issues into their operations. Failure to do so may be expensive, since there is mounting evidence that ESG performance is positively connected with an enterprise’s value, revenue, and cost of capital.

Download this white paper to learn about ESG Reporting and Analytics – The Path Forward.

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