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Looking for Tech-Savvy Security Integrators

Looking for #security #integrators who are searching for new avenues for #RMR earnings in the area of #IoT and #IIoT. #Verdafero is a Cloud-based #SaaS that uses #AI analytics to #monitoring time-based data relative to any Industrial or Commercial application where establishing a norm per day, hour, etc. is important. This service can be…

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Verdafero Adds Predictive Analytics

Verdafero Inc. is proud to announce a new predictive analytics service module for their Utility Analytics Software Platform. This new capability allows Verdafero’s commercial and hospitality property customers to forecast future usage and costs of their utilities for individual buildings…

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Whitepaper: Investing in Utility Analytics

This whitepaper examines the payoff from investing in utility analytics. It discusses the value of properly realized data visibility, how to analyze and interpret your data, and create useful action plans based on the individual environment. Download the full whitepaper…

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