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Can MSPs and Integrators Sell Any Software?

Verdafero logo (image)Can MSPs and Integrators Sell Any Software?| #Verdafero #MSP #Software #Integrators | You might consider selling software to be outside your wheelhouse. But if reselling software creates a profit margin & it expands your toolset, why not? (CI, Scott Ford)

You may think that whether you decide to sell certain software might be tied to if you have chosen to pursue a vertical. If you are vertical-focused, then it is natural to lean toward that vertical’s industry standard software packages. 

Medical specialty MSPs and integrators will have a lot of contact with electronic medical records and billing systems. If your firm caters to CPAs, tax and accounting packages will be the norm.  But the “should we/shouldn’t we” analysis doesn’t end there.  

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Can MSPs and Integrators Sell Any Software? (image)


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