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Building Optimization

Verdafero InSights’™ utility benchmarking capability is one of the most helpful tools in building analysis and helps you to compare the relative performance of buildings in a property portfolio in specific ways to optimize your building’s performance.

Groups & Sub-Groups:

Configure any number of buildings or meters in groups or sub-groups to benchmark buildings for greater insight.

  • Is a specific brand of hotel within your Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) portfolio more efficient than other brands?
  • Compare properties across your portfolio or on a national scale

Custom Benchmarking:

Choose industry-specific factors, such as usage / cost, occupancy, production output, size etc to provide enhanced capabilities to drive efficiencies, reduce risk and maintain operations.

  • How efficient is one production line compared to the other?
  • Are you at risk catastrophic failure?
  • How efficient is one building compared to the others in your portfolio?
  • Does weather or occupancy effect your energy use?

Greenhouse Gas Reporting (GHG)

Verdafero InSights™ can automatically calculate your organization’s carbon footprint and report on GHG emissions resulting from utility use to assist with Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) reporting mandates

Reports and Charts

Verdafero InSights™ displays utility data as charts, graphs, and tables for easy and efficient user analysis. Verdafero’s patented platform provides enhanced capabilities to manage and present data in ways that makes sense and can be easily understood.

Dynamic Reporting Capabilities

Export report as PDF files as required. Receive daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports automatically via email.

Custom Reports

Verdafero InSights™ offers many standard reports and can also work closely with clients to develop custom reports as per user requirements.


Alerts makes it easy to resolve utility billing and energy management issues.

Verdafero InSights™ can alert the user to problems or trends within a data stream that could adversely affect their operations. Automatic alerts and notifications let you focus on priorities most impactful on success.

Building Maintenance

Building maintenance is critical to efficient operations within your facility. With the continuous monitoring capabilities that Verdafero InSights™ provides, such as the real time alerts and reporting capabilities, an owner / operator or contractor now has the capability to make better informed decisions and reduce risks by being proactive on small problems before they become catastrophic failures.

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