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Verdafero News (image) Wellcam Named a 2020 New Product of the Year | #Verdafero #AlarmDotCom #Security #HomeAutomation | Wellcam™, the first smart home video solution designed to connect families and empower healthy, independent living, is a Security Today 2020 New Product of the Year Award winner for Fire & Life Safety. Wellcam helps families, medical professionals and others monitor the activity and well-being of loved ones or patients in their own home or a healthcare setting.

The demand for solutions like Wellcam is growing as individuals and organizations require non-intrusive, cost-effective services to help them look after people they care for, especially with social distancing guidelines in place due to COVID-19.

“With the shortage of PPE earlier in the year, Wellcam was the perfect solution for a nearby hospital to keep the medical staff from needing to enter rooms to care for ill patients,” said Matt Vincent, owner of Smart Solutions, LLC in Bowling Green, Ky. “The staff could efficiently oversee multiple rooms at once, speak directly to patients to address their concerns and even monitor the entire room, specifically the patient vital signs on the hospital equipment screens. Outside of a hospital setting, I see Wellcam’s technology, joined with the mobile app, to be very useful in the home and in a range of businesses.”

Access control via an electronic lock (image)Wellcam sends automatic activity alerts and smart notifications to keep caregivers and families informed that all is well or trouble may be developing. Other important Wellcam features include:

  • Two-way audio with Push to Call button. Without having to use a phone, a person in need can simply tap Wellcam’s call button to contact family members, who connect to view live video and hear audio.
  • Check in anytime with the mobile app. Family and medical professionals can use mobile and web apps to check live video as an additional safety net. Wellcam has a 180° field of view, 1080p high-definition resolution, Digital Enhanced Zoom and night vision.
  • Catch up with Highlights. The Mobile App automatically assembles a video summary of a loved one’s daily activities logged by Wellcam, making it easy to quickly review their day without disturbing them.
  • Powered by Secure and private video communications through the trusted security platform helps ensure reliable connections and the delivery of essential life safety services to millions of people.

Motion detection controls lighting (image)“The need to stay connected with family and loved ones is greater now than ever before,” said Steve Chazin, VP of products at “Wellcam extends the power of modern security systems to help protect and connect people wherever they live. We’re thrilled that Security Today deems Wellcam a New Product of the Year. This recognition underscores just how critical innovations like Wellcam are in helping all of us look after one another, regardless of whether we’re feet or miles apart.”

Current subscribers can extend their existing smart home security service to include Wellcam and the Wellness solution. More information about the full-line of award-winning smart home and business solutions from can be found at

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