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A closer look at JA Solar’s new 785/810 W panel series

A closer look at JA Solar’s new 785/810 W panel series (image)


PV Magazine (image)A closer look at JA #Solar’s new 785/810 W panel series | #Verdafero #SolarEnergy #SolarPower # UtilityMonitoring | According to the product sheet, the new series has dimensions of 2,219×1,765x40mm and weighs 43.5kg. Efficiency reportedly ranges from 20.1-20.8% and the module features a 12-year product warranty and 25-year linear power output guarantee (PV-Magazine:

Chinese solar manufacturer JA Solar has unveiled the world’s most powerful PV module: the Jumbo solar panel with a power output the company says tops 800 W of output.

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The Integration of Security And IoT

Verdafero logo (image)Security has many faces, whether it’s the hardened, Grade 1 locks on all the perimeter man doors throughout a building, electronic access control, video surveillance cameras, fire detection equipment, or the IoT devices that monitors a variety of critical services, such as  temperature, humidity, air flow, pressure, or the integrity and quality of any one of several utilities that clients depend on.

Security Integrators and Alarm Dealers can earn #RMR by monitoring the flow of solar power as it feeds the grid. Find out more about this relatively new AI, Cloud-based analytical SaaS (Software as a Service):


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