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3G Sunset Challenges, Opportunities & Choices

3G Sunset Challenges, Opportunities & Choices

Verdafero logo (image)3G Sunset Challenges, Opportunities & Choices | #Verdafero #Cellular #Monitoring #Integrators | With this most recent evolution to 4G, it is without question that the entire industry must engage and focus on proactively installing 4G systems and upgrading all existing previous generation cellular systems (

The security industry and users of cellular devices of any type are facing the great challenge presented by the sunset of 3G cellular networks. Although this is not the first sunset of a cellular generation, it is the largest ever faced given that the world now has more wireless devices in service than ever before.

Over the years, the electronic security and life-safety industry have rapidly adopted the use of cellular devices while the consumer markets have experienced even more growth in in adoption of wireless devices and services. Likewise, security and life-safety professionals have many choices when selecting platforms and cellular devices.

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