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Capture. Analyze.
Visualize. Secure.
Using patented utility analytics Verdafero constantly monitors and analyzes your building's utility streams to report results on a single easy to use platform. Instantly access your data from anywhere, at any time. Learn More Watch Video UTILITY ANALYTICS

Utility Analytics – Simplified

Data analysis by time, location, cost or specific business indicator
Receive automatic alerts, daily / monthly / annual reports by meter, facility or property portfolio


Natural Gas




Carbon Footprint

Make seeing trends easy

Verdafero analytics helps spot good / bad trends over time to instantly identify potential problems and how changes in your usage affect your bottom line.

Map views allow you to quickly compare across multiple sites / buildings / meters.

Industries We Work With

Commercial Property Security Professionals

Constantly monitor, analyze, report and secure vital utility information from individual IoT sensors / smart meters / buildings / portfolios.

  • Automatically alert customers to leaks / equipment problems
  • Detect fraudulent behavior, utility misuse
  • Security benchmark the property against peers
  • Formulate utility management security awareness plans

Building Owners / Operators

We give you the tools to efficiently manage your utility costs and usage across your entire property portfolio

  • See all your utility accounts in one place
  • Determine which facilities are performing poorly and wasting money
  • Identify actions to lower your bills
  • Easily comply with local environmental reporting requirements

3rd Party Service Providers

Automatically analyze and display all your client’s utility information on a single platform.

  • Identify under-performing client properties and offer assistance
  • Provide clients with a detailed analysis report for real business-level discussions
  • Help clients save time, money and effort
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