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Who Uses Utility Analytics

Utility Analytics is critical for every building in the world to run efficiently and reduce costs

Whether you are a building owner / operator or a service provider we give you the tools to efficiently manage your / your client’s utility costs and usage. homepage with map (Mar 14)

Capture, analyze, visualize all utility bills

  • See all utility accounts in one place
  • Always up to date – when a new bill is available it will automatically appear on your account
  • Timely alerts – automatic alerts will notify you if there is a problem

Drive business decisions

  • Identify action to lower bills
  • Leverage your information to drive true cost saving and asset value increases

Compare facilities

  • Determine which of your facilities are performing poorly and wasting money
  • Across your entire property portfolio
  • Over time

More useful than spreadsheets

  • Focus on business discussions, not debugging spreadsheets
  • Keep everyone on the same page with customized reports
  • Automatic updates